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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: An useful review   An useful review EmptySre Avg 03, 2011 2:54 am

Hello. Car.Mike-DvdXcopy automatically tells me if the movie, menus, etc. will fit on one or two discs before it starts the rip process. It does not compress the movie at all. DvdXcopy Xpress will compress to allow the entire movie, menus, etc. to fit on one SL disc. If it takes 2 discs, it automatically splits the movie up into disc 1 and disc 2 before you start to rip it. You cannot rip with any other software beforehand and use DvdXcopy to burn with. It will not acknowledge a backup copy when trying to make a copy of a backup, it only acknowledges an original store bought dvd. It only sees dvd drives and dvd burning drives, not hard drives. It will rip dvd #1 first to the hard drive then allow you to burn it. Then request you to put the original back in to process disc #2. When DvdXcopy rips the disc to the hard drive, it automatically creates a small text file within the directory of the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders that contains your softwares serial #. After I rip and before I burn it, I go into the directory where that text file is located and delete it and then replace it with a bogus text file with the same name minus the serial #. It will not burn the disc without that text file there. I was just hoping that Ripit, Shrink or Decrypter would allow me to split up a large movie into 2 SL discs. Thanks for your response.
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An useful review
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